Khlo├â┬⌐ Kardashian & Lamar Odom Spent Valentine’s Day Together!

Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom

Valentine’s Day celebrates even the most complicated relationships!

Despite not officially being back together romantically, there’s no doubt Khlo├â┬⌐ Kardashian and Lamar Odom‘s bond is stronger than ever since the former basketballer’s nearly-fatal overdose in October.

According to an insider, the estranged spouses spent a low-key Valentine’s Day together following their attendance at Kanye West‘s fashion show and album listening party just a few days prior.

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The source told E! News:

“It was more a day of friendship than romantic love. Lamar appreciates Khloe so much for everything she has done for him these past few months.”

Like the gentleman he is, the 36-year-old got the KUWTK star “beautiful flowers for being the woman and friend he will always love.”

That is so sweet!!

We guess this means James Harden is definitely out of the picture!

Koko shared a picture of beautiful roses to her Instagram (above), followed by this message to her followers about love:

We have to learn to accept the love we AREN’T given. Believe them when they show you their true colors. Stop trying to repaint that person into a shade they are not. To realize, that although we put someone on a pedestal, that does not mean that their judgment defines who we are. We must learn to love ourselves first unconditionally. So we have the strength to not let others love us on their conditions. In conditional love: love is ‘earned’ on the basis of conscious or unconscious conditions. Conditional love is purely based off of how one can benefit. You, in a sense are paying for another’s love. Constantly auditioning for a spot in their lives. Whereas in unconditional love, love is given freely no matter what. With acceptance and purity. Loving is primary. Conditional love requires some kind of finite exchange, whereas unconditional love is seen as infinite and measureless. I think that, at any given point, we are faced with the choice of whether to move on with what the universe gives and takes or to hold on and bury ourselves in our own misery. The choice is yours. Choose your happy over anything else. Love is different for us all. Be strong enough to Accept only unconditional love.A photo posted by Khlo├â┬⌐ (@khloekardashian) on Feb 14, 2016 at 11:18am PST

Preach, girl!

Do U want these two to just get back together already?? Let us know in the comments!

[Image via Instagram/WENN.]

Feb 15, 2016 11:48am PDT

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