Aaron Carter Gets A Neck Tattoo In The Quest To Cover His Whole Body In Ink — Wait, Really??

aaron carter neck tattoo

Well that’s a choice!

Earlier this month, a neck tattoo surfaced on Aaron Carter‘s Instagram and Twitter leaving many fans wondering if the new ink was real. On Tuesday, it was confirmed that the Aaron’s Party singer DID in fact get a large tattoo directly below his mug!

Hot dang. It’s said that the blond cutie got the artwork done at Chapter Tattoo in Orange, CA last week.

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Apparently, Nick Carter‘s younger brother felt the urge to get the word love surrounded by flames permanently etched on his skin forever. LOLz!

Reportedly, the three hour session cost about $500 and the 28-year-old is also doing 10 hour long visits nearly everyday in the quest to get his whole body tatted up. Wait, what??

Some face ink is said to be next on the agenda. Mind blown!

Who would’ve thought sweet little Hilary Duff‘s former flame would be pulling a Mike Tyson?? HA!

What do YOU think?! Is Aaron’s tattoo mission a bad life choice??

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[Image via Aaron Carter/Twitter.]

Feb 16, 2016 12:07pm PDT

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