See The Really Awkward Footage Captured By The GoPros Hidden In The Grammy Awards!

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Who thought this was a good idea??

While the Grammy Awards were marred by a slew of technical errors, no one can say the GoPros installed into the bases of the golden gramophones didn’t do their jobs.

As long as their intent was to awkwardly film celebs’ boobs and crotches, that is…

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CBS made a play to be more tech savvy on Monday by giving us the point of view of a statuette, but it doesn’t seem like they warned any of the winners they’d be taking selfies of their private parts.

Srsly, the spycam footage is all boobs and ridiculously close closeups of hands grabbing the awards.

Just ask Alabama ShakesBrittany Howard, who accepted the awards for Best Alternative Music Album and Best Rock Song — and got a secret camera jammed into her chest for her trouble.

Ch-ch-check out Brittany’s uncomfortable run-in with the camera (below)!!!

Yeah, after some rightful criticism of the awkward footage, the Grammys must have finally seen their error; they took down all their GoPro footage Tuesday morning.

Feb 16, 2016 11:13am PDT

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