President Obama Hits Back At GOP Congress Vowing To Block Justice, Says Supreme Court Nominee Will Be ‘Indisputably Qualified’

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POTUS can’t even with these people…

Ever since Antonin Scalia‘s death over the weekend, one of the most talked about political issues has been who will replace him on the Supreme Court.

Obviously, our heavily Republican Congress was quick to point out that they’ll block any pick that President Barack Obama makes… except for the fact that that kind of goes against the Constitution.

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During a Southeast Asian summit in Rancho Mirage, California on Tuesday, the President eased Democrats’ minds assuring everyone that his replacement choice will be “indisputably qualified” for the job, saying:

“The constitution is pretty clear about what is supposed to happen now. This is the Supreme Court, we have to ask ourselves as a society a fundamental question: Are we able to still make this democracy work the way it’s supposed to?

I would challenge anyone who purports to me adhering to the original intent of the founders, anybody who believes in the constitution coming up with a plausible rational as to why they would not even have a hearing for a nominee — it’s pretty hard to find that in the constitution.

The fact that it’s that hard that we’re even discussing this is I think a measure of how unfortunately venue and rancor in Washington.”

Thank goddess he’s here to keep everyone sane!

We’re hoping everything goes smoothly for Barack’s final few months in office… but we all know that isn’t gonna happen.

Who do U want to see the President pick for the Supreme Court??

[Image via Barack Obama/Instagram.]

Feb 17, 2016 12:12pm PDT

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