Big Ang’s Estranged Husband Stayed By Her Side ‘The Whole Time’ In Her Final Moments

Big Ang's estranged husband was there in the end.

The news of Big Ang‘s death on Thursday was truly heartbreaking.

The reality TV star lost her battle to stage four cancer early in the morning while surrounded by family, including her recently estranged husband, Neil Murphy.

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ICYMI: Angela Raiola revealed on a visit to Dr. Oz‘s show on Tuesday that she has left Neil after six years together, citing that “he never stepped up to the plate” during her battles with brain and lung cancer.

Well, it sounds like he finally pulled through during her last moments, as Ang’s friend/costar Carla Facciolo shared with People that he “was there the whole time” and:

“He’s part of her life. He’s still her husband, you know? I don’t know if they got back together, but to Ang, when she throws somebody off her for a little bit, they’re always back in. She takes in people.”

Neil also posted to Twitter following her passing, writing:

Our hearts just break for her family and loved one.

She’s left such a mark on them, with Carla also adding:

“She always wanted to just have fun, and that’s it. That’s how anyone can remember Ang… That’s how we’re all going to remember her, a smile on her face, because she was just in a good place that day. She had us laughing, she was telling off the doctors, just being regular Ang. Someone would come in and she’d be like, ‘What do you want?’ She was just being funny, and she was being the Ang that we know, so I was like, ‘Oh, this feels great,’ and then we turn around, she went home and then went right back in, and it was like, what the hell happened?”

So sad!

The Mob Wives star explained the 55-year-old was “excited” over starting immunotherapy, but was admitted back into the hospital on Monday after having been discharged just days earlier.

Our thoughts are with Ang’s friends and loved ones during this difficult time.

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Feb 18, 2016 11:32am PDT

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