Kanye West Talks Taylor Swift After His SNL Rant Gets Leaked — WATCH!

Kanye continues his rants!

Kanye West doesn’t need Twitter to go on a rant!

Paparazzi caught up with The Life Of Pablo rapper as he arrived at LAX for a flight on Wednesday, asking him about his recent controversies: those $53 million he’s out, and of course, Taylor Swift.

You know, because his recently leaked rant from Saturday Night Live did include him calling the pop songstress a “fake ass”.

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But in new video, when asked if he thought Tay was obnoxious, he simply responded:

“All positive vibes.”

The 38-year-old is being as neutral as possible!

And only minutes later, Ye also shared his response to the question “Taylor Swift, do you think she could give you more respect” by saying:

“No. It’s like i want the best for that person, but there’s people going through real issues out here. There’s people out of work; there’s people in debt that can’t make it out of the debt. There’s people that’s in debt that don’t have a shoe. There’s people that are in debt that don’t have a hit album out also. You know what I’m saying? I just feel like this thing, the media tries to make this ongoing story and everything for hits. I don’t think people care about me or her in that way. People care about their families, their kids. If you like my music, listen to it. If you like her music, listen to it.”

Wow. She’s just “that person” now!

Sounds a lot like “Imma let you finish, but…”, or at the very least, that he’s done with people talking about their feud, especially because he added:

“I think i kind of covered that subject right there.”

Guess he didn’t realize how many celebs commented on Swift’s pointed acceptance speech at the Grammys!

Anyway, Kanye also touched upon the subject of his millions of dollars that he’s acquired in debt, but you can watch him explain that for yourself (below)!

[Image via WENN, Video via AKM-GSI.]

Feb 18, 2016 2:35pm PST

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