Kris Jenner Reveals She Would Never EVER Tell Kanye West The Truth About His Clothes!

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Smart woman, Kris Jenner.

On Thursday night, Kris admitted she’ll never be honest about Kanye West‘s Yeezus clothing line. The reveal comes on the heels of West’s epic Saturday Night Live rant and his repeated digs at Taylor Swift.

Explaining her hesitation to tell Ye her feelings, Kris stated:

“I don’t think any of us would dare say we didn’t like it if we went for a fitting.”

Ha! We don’t blame her — Kanye is notorious for flipping out.

Driving home how intense K.W. can be, the momager shared the perfect anecdote from New York Fashion Week:

“…he makes sure the fit is right or that you know it’s perfect. I actually went in and did mine and got back in the car, I went in for the fitting, picked an outfit, got in the car, I was halfway back to my hotel and I got a call saying, ‘He doesn’t think it looks right, why don’t you come on back?'”

Wow, what a perfectionist! At least Yeezy knows what he wants…

Despite Kanye’s serious nature, the momma has become zen about the whole thing:

“I let that one go.”

That was probs for the best, girl.

[Image via Instagram.]

Feb 18, 2016 8:02pm PDT

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