Kristen Stewart Is NOT Impressed With A-listers Who Sell Their Lives Like ‘Comic Books’!

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Kristen Stewart has no problem throwing shade towards her peers.

In a recent interview with AnOther magazine, the Twilight alum got REALLY honest about the way fellow celebrities are selling their lives like their “comic books.”

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The brunette beauty shared:

“People who are interested in selling a life as if it’s a comic book story? It’s just money, money, money, money. It’s just bullshit distraction, and a lot of people make a lot of money on that, because we wanna get distracted.”

Hmm, we can only imagine which A-listers she’s talking about. Nonetheless, we can’t entirely blame KStew for being so opposed to the idea about being open with her private life as she faced quite a bit of backlash for cheating on Robert Pattinson with Rupert Sanders.

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However, that doesn’t mean the outspoken celeb doesn’t appreciate a person’s need for a distraction. In fact, the American Ultra actress even revealed that dancing is her way of relaxing.

She noted:

“I danced the other night, and it felt so f*ckin’ good. And it’s so not like me. I envy people like that so much. I’m pretty physical, but I really need to let myself go. Honestly, I just wish I could f*ckin’ dance more. That’s all.”

What fun! She continued:

“I know when I meet someone, if we’re gonna jive and dance. And I do not want to construct anything with anyone. I wanna f*ckin’ dance.”

Well, that sounds like a solid night out to us! Still, we’re a tad bummed that Kristen won’t be starring in her own reality show sometime in the future.

We guess that dream will have to die.

[Image via AnOther Magazine.]

Feb 18, 2016 3:14pm PDT

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