Mob Wives Stars — Old And New — Fondly Remember Big Ang After Her Passing


Their hearts are hurting.

After spending six seasons on Mob Wives, Big Ang had developed strong bonds with everyone on the popular program, whether they were OG cast members or fresh faces.

So, when the 55-year-old tragically lost her life on Thursday after battling cancer, it hit the VH1 stars pretty hard.

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Carla Facciolo, who had been on the show on-and-off since season 1, has fond feelings for the late TV personality, telling People:

“Even filming, I couldn’t keep a straight face sometimes because all she did was make us laugh. Thank God for her, because if it wasn’t for her, we’d really kill each other sometimes. Because if we were around her, she’d be like, ‘Get over it!’ She would yell at me. That’s why I used to call her the Mama Bear, because if I said something she’d be like, ‘Oh, Carla, please. Get over it.'”

She continued to gush about the fierce female, adding:

“When I say she was bigger than life, she was, because nothing bothered her. She just wanted the girls to have fun, and everyone get along, let’s just have fun and drink, that’s what she did. She just wanted to have fun. She didn’t hear no bullsh*t.”

But it’s not just the longtime costars who adore Ang. The gorgeous gal also made quite the impact on newcomer Brittany Fogarty, who remembered that the lovely lady made her feel welcome:

“Ang just always was the type of person to see the bright side of any situation, and she always was just trying to be positive. Anything bad that would happen, she would just try to mediate and settle everyone down and try to make everybody get along. She never wanted anyone to be arguing or fighting. She was always just focused on the positive and the bright side of everything.”

Fellow newbie Marissa Jade reflected on her costar’s incredible attitude, saying:

“Angela is a free spirit. She’s great, she’s fun-loving, she doesn’t care for the drama, she just wants to have a good time. And honestly, although we are on a drama-based show, beyond the show we really do enjoy each other’s company and do have a good time.”

But we weren’t the only ones who seemed shocked by how soon she passed. Carla commented that she wasn’t ready for the sudden loss, explaining:

“She went way too quick. One minute she was with us, another minute she was in the hospital dying, so it’s very sad.”

However, Marissa wants the world to know that the celeb’s suffering is over now:

“I hope everyone understands that she’s not suffering anymore and she’s in a better place and we can only think of it that way and be positive of the situation.”

And Brittany believes the focus should be on celebrating her life:

“She stayed strong and fighting until the end. At least she’s not suffering anymore. I just think it’s devastating. People need to remember her for the beautiful, loving, fun, courageous, strong woman that she was. She’s just an inspiration to all of us.”

All three women also posted touching tributes on Instagram. Ch-ch-check them out (below):

Rest in peace, Ang.

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Feb 19, 2016 9:23am PDT

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