Awful! Donald Trump Doubles Down On Anti-LGBT Legislation Ahead Of The South Carolina Primary!

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Well, he’s trying to appeal to Southern conservatives…

Just a day ahead of the South Carolina primary election for the Republican Party, frontrunner Donald Trump is going all in on trying to win right-wing votes, and — because he’s awful — he’s doing it in the WORST way!

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Speaking to the Christian broadcasting network CBN about evangelical voters, The Donald tried to convince them he was firmly in the Christianity camp, which is unfortunate because what he means is anti-gay!

He said:

“I think they can trust me. They can trust me on traditional marriage. I was very much in favor of having the court rule that it goes to states and let the states decide. And that was a shocking decision for you and for me and for a lot of other people. But I was very much in favor of letting the states decide. And that’s the way it looked like it was going and then all the sudden out of nowhere came this very massive decision and they took it away. But I was always in favor of states rights, states deciding many issues, not just this, but many issues.”

States’ rights, of course, is the argument always pulled out by conservatives regarding same-sex marriage — just as it was the argument right-wingers used to argue against progress in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, but we digress…

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It’s not just talk for Trump, who has been on the record before saying as president he would appoint judges who would reverse nationwide marriage equality laws.

He has also said he’d support an amendment that would allow citizens more freedom to object to performing duties, including performing same-sex marriages, due to religious reasons — which would cause more controversies like Kim Davis‘ scandal last year.

This is all a shame to hear.

Besides the obvious about what makes this so disgusting, it’s doubly bad since Trump has been so open to same-sex marriage. As terrible and narcissistic as he’d been in the past — and he’s been awful — it seemed he used to live and let live with the LGBT community.

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Now, because he’s gone even further downhill since his campaign began, The Donald has descended into full-on bigotry in yet another arena of politics and culture.

Shame on him!!!

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Feb 19, 2016 10:55am PDT

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