Donald Trump Accused Of Trying To Financially Ruin A Female Student Out Of Revenge — Get The Deets On The Secret Deposition!

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Will this drama be enough to sink Donald Trump?!

Before The Donald was an awful presidential candidate, he failed at a lot of stuff — like, a LOT of stuff — including miserably ruining his own private “university” that he started several years ago before it was quickly shuttered for a litany of problems.

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Now, something from his Trump University days is coming back to bite Trump in the behind, and it appears he may have gone too far against one woman who sued the “college” years ago because of its many problems.

Tarla Makaeff, a yoga instructor in California, is the named plaintiff in a class action lawsuit against The Donald and his university, alleging the $60,000 she and thousands of other students spent on classes essentially earned them an infomercial in return, as opposed to skills and real world knowledge.

Now, Makaeff wants out after filing a motion accusing The Donald of harassing her incessantly, in part due to a secret deposition the real estate mogul gave in December.

While the secret deposition has not been unsealed, so we can’t know for sure what Trump said on that December day, we do know Makaeff has filed a protective order in the case so that Trump may no longer come after her personally.

During the deception, practices apparently came to light regarding just how the billionaire businessman intended over the last nearly six years (!) to financially ruin Makaeff, simply for revenge.

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Just imagine that — a billionaire, being sued for terrible products and phony marketing by thousands of people, retaliating so viciously and personally that he’s forcing a regular, private citizen into seeking out a protective order against him.

Great going, Donald.

Can’t you just imagine that with our next president? A man so consumed by his ego, he has to go and sue the little guy every chance he gets.

What a ridiculous candidate!!

[Image via ABC.]

Feb 19, 2016 4:20pm PDT

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