Jenelle Evans’ Boyfriend Doesn’t Know Who Kesha Is — What’s Wrong With The World?!

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Considering Jenelle Evans went to jail for Kesha, her boyfriend should probably brush up on the singer!

On Friday, Jenelle revealed that her boyfriend David Eason has no clue who Kesha is just moments after she sent out a supportive tweet to the pop star in light of today’s upsetting court ruling. This a really BIG deal for fans of Teen Mom 2… personally, we’re still recovering from the insane tidbit of info.

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Check out the 24-year-old’s crazy tweet (below)!

We. Can’t.

For those who don’t know, on an old episode of Teen Mom 2, Jenelle was set to go to jail after failing a drug test for the umpteenth billion time. The reality star had chosen prison over probation and year without marijuana because, why not?

While the troublemaker’s go to jail so I can smoke weed plan might seem flawless, there was one glittery and feathery little problem.

Similarly to most tales of martyrdom, the momma was faced with an extremely tough moral dilemma once her lawyer revealed that the assigned jail time corresponded with a Kesha concert.

Most fans of the franchise will remember Jenelle’s impassioned speech to her lawyer (historians may one day compare it to that of Hamlet’s pivotal To Be Or Not To Be speech), as to why she rather infuriate a judge and her probation officer than to miss the concert.

Take a look at the infamous moment (below)!

OMG, we almost forgot how RUDE J.E.’s lawyer was. Doesn’t he not know how annoying it is to remove feathers from your hair?! That sh*t takes time!

As for Eason, we suggest he watch the (above)! video — your competition is steep, friend.

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Feb 19, 2016 5:11pm PST

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