Maci Bookout Reveals The Surprising Way She Found Out About Baby No. 3!

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We weren’t the only ones surprised to learn Maci Bookout is pregnant with baby #3!

In a recent interview, Bookout opened up about how she found out about her latest pregnancy barely a year after giving birth to her second child Jayde Carter McKinney. In fact, the two babies might be “Irish twins” since Jayde was born May 29 and the next little one is due on May 30!

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So, how did M.B. learn of her pregnancy?

Apparently, the reality star had NO clue she was preggos:

“I was at the doctor, ironically, to get my birth control prescription refilled.”

Ha! We’re guessing this wasn’t planned?

Mace, who is expecting a baby boy to join her daughter and first son Bentley Edwards, became aware of the conception just two days after Taylor McKinney proposed! Wow!

As for how big bro Bentley is handling the situation, Bookout confessed:

“He’s really excited to have a little brother. But he thinks it’s hilarious that Jayde’s going to be a big sister because she’s so little!”

Good point, Bent! Jayde is pretty tiny:

So sweet!!

Considering this is the third time Maci has become pregnant unintentionally, she has big plans to avoid this in the future:

“There are going to be some permanent birth control decisions made immediately after the birth. But it’s definitely a bonus to have it kind of done and out of the way. It’s done and we’re good to go!”

Welp, that pretty much rules out baby #4 for Mace and Ty!

What do YOU think of the momma’s latest pregnancy?

Feb 19, 2016 7:03pm PDT

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