Jared Fogle Wants His Sentence Reduced, Alleges Judge Got Overzealous In Putting Away The Former Subway Pitch Man For Sex Crimes!

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Let’s hope no judge seriously considers this argument…

Jared Fogle is once again challenging his 15-year prison sentence, alleging that the judge who handed it down punished the former Subway pitch man in part for thoughts, rather than actions.

Listen: Jared Admits To Having Sex With Children

The basis of Fogle’s challenge, where he alleges that he shouldn’t be punished for things he thought and fantasized about and yet didn’t act upon, seems to rest upon one specific area of the judge’s decision from last year.

The judge said at the time:

“This defendant is obsessed with child pornography and having sex with minors. He fantasized about it in telephone conversations.”

Fogle’s lawyers are now seizing upon that to claim the judge threw Fogle in jail for more than the maximum sentence — which is 13 years — due to thought crimes and not actions.

The footlong aficionado’s legal team has quoted another case as precedent in wanting to change the sentence, saying:

“We are loath to give the government the power to punish us for our thoughts and not our actions.”

Hmm… While that may be true, Fogle’s actions were pretty seriously messed up!

Nevertheless, he wants an appeals court to give him a new sentence — presumably one that he hopes is a good bit lighter.

What do U think??

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Feb 20, 2016 10:51am PDT

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