College Football Star Jason Hatcher Arrested On Marijuana Trafficking Charges!

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This is not how a college student ought to be spending their spring semester…

Jason Hatcher, a defensive end for the University of Kentucky, has been dismissed from the football team after being arrested for suspected marijuana trafficking in Franklin County, Kentucky!

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The (former) football star was arrested early Monday morning after deputies pulled him over for speeding and then smelled marijuana inside the vehicle.

When they patted down the 21-year-old, they found a quarter pound of marijuana hidden in his pants, and another three-quarter pound bag hidden on the floor of his car.

Not so smart — especially considering Hatcher had previously been arrested for marijuana possession in 2014.

Now, the athletic stud — who recorded 47 tackles and three and a half quarterback sacks last year and was expected to be the team’s defensive line star this year — is done.

Reports are coming in that the Wildcats’ football team immediately cut him after learning of the charges:


It makes one of Hatcher’s last tweets take on a whole new meaning, too:


From here, as the legal system follows its course, let’s just hope Hatcher makes the most of his life after football.

[Image via Franklin County Sheriff’s Office.]

Feb 22, 2016 2:01pm PDT

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