Dr. Luke’s Legal Team Calls Kesha’s Claims ‘Outright Lies’ Meant To ‘Extort A Contract Renegotiation’ — Details HERE!

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Kesha‘s been dealing with a lot lately, as the judge in her case denied the singer‘s injunction bid against music producer Dr. Luke on Friday.

Unfortunately, this means the 28-year-old has failed to break ties with Luke’s Kemosabe Records, and the court’s ruling also denies the musician’s accusation that the producer was guilty of abuse and sexual assault.

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Since Friday, the blonde beauty has received a ton of support from fans, as well as fellow artists like Iggy Azalea, Demi Lovato, and Kelly Clarkson.

Well now we have a bit more insight into how Dr. Luke and his legal team viewed the whole case as TMZ caught up with them. The lawyers had an inneresting take on Kesha as they slammed her for starting a “trial by Twitter” and getting involved in a “vicious smear campaign to ruin Luke’s reputation.”

Luke’s legal representation went on to say the musical artist’s claims were “outright lies” that were meant “to extort a contract renegotiation and money.”

However, they also claim that the pop star is “free” to record with Luke or any other Sony producer. Yeah, sure!

Although, the lawyers also noted that the music company has invested $11 million in her career and are committed to promoting her work.

What do YOU think? Are these recent comments justifiable or adding insult to injury?

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Feb 22, 2016 7:43am PST

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