NFL Star Rob Gronkowski Offers Couple On His Party Cruise $10,000 To ‘Bang In Front Of Everybody’ — Watch The Insanity!

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Well this sounds like some kind of party…

Now that the NFL season is over, New England Patriots star Rob Gronkowski has taken his family and a couple hundred of his closest friends out on a party cruise this week… and it looks like he’s having a LOT of fun!

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The tight end has grabbed 2,500 of his wildest fans, all of whom paid $700 to join him on the cruise, and is calling the event Gronk’s Party Ship as they float out in the sea, partying hard!

The 26-year-old football star decided to raise the stakes a little bit, though — during a DJ set at the party, Gronk saw a couple in the crowd and offered them $10,000 if they’d have sex in front of the entire cruise ship!!

Ch-ch-check out the video remarks from an inside source (below):

Um… wow!

Looks like Gronk’s dad — yes, he’s on the trip — is also a partier:

Nice moves!!

Come to find it turns out there is a LOT of dancing on this party cruise:

And there’s even romance on the boat!!

Maybe that was the same couple offered $10K for public sex?! And they say romance is dead…


Gronk’s team didn’t win the Super Bowl — they didn’t even get there — but, uh, at least he’s partying like they did?!

Man, he’s got great arms though! LOLz!

[Image via Robert Klemko/Twitter.]

Feb 22, 2016 11:28am PDT

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