Rob Kardashian’s Weight Loss Secrets Revealed — Is Blac Chyna The KUWTK Celeb’s Secret Weapon?

rob kardashian strict diet

Rob Kardashian is definitely staying loyal to his strict diet.

On Monday, it was revealed that the KUWTK celeb has completely cut out fast food and added in a regular workout routine all thanks to Blac Chyna! In fact, friends close to the sock mogul think this new strict regiment has helped him lose nearly 40 pounds.

It’s said that Kris Jenner‘s son has said goodbye to red meat and carbs while hitting the gym five times a week with his trainer. Hot dang!

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You may be wondering, where does the video vixen come into play here? Well, the twosome have reportedly made a no cheat days vow and have been good about motivating each other to stick to it!

Now that’s what we like to hear. Honestly, we have to send props King Cairo‘s momma’s way because we are certainly seeing some positive results when it comes to R.K.’s health status.

Snaps all around!

[Image via Snapchat.]

Feb 22, 2016 11:20am PDT

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