X-Files Prequel Series To Follow Mulder & Scully As Teens! PLUS David Duchovny Says He ‘Would Love To’ Make More Revival Episodes…

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After being blessed with the X-Files miniseries reboot, fans of the hit Sci-Fi series are getting more than they could have ever imagined with an entire new chapter of Mulder and Scully’s story!

According to Entertainment Weekly, the X-Files: Origins book series — a pair of young adult novels following a 15-year-old Dana Scully and a 17-year-old Fox Mulder — is hitting shelves soon!

The two novels will be set in the spring of 1979, and will follow the teens as they experience life changing events that ultimately lead them to become the agents on the cult TV show.

Mulder’s story Agent of Chaos will be written by Beautiful Creatures author Kami Garcia, and Scully’s story Devil’s Advocate will be penned by bestselling horror novelist Jonathan Maberry!

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Now, if we’ve learned anything from how Hollywood operates, there’s a good chance these YA novels will wind up being adapted into some form of series!

And since David Duchovny revealed he “would love to” film more X-Files on Monday’s Ellen, we have a feeling he’d totally be down for a scene where teen Mulder meets his future self!

Sure, we’re getting WAY ahead of ourselves and jumping to several conclusions, but wouldn’t that be exactly what Spooky Mulder would do in this situation?

Check out his interview (below) and look out for Agent of Chaos and Devil’s Advocate set to be published in January 2017!

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Feb 22, 2016 2:58pm PDT

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