Bruno Mars & Mark Ronson Accused Of Stealing Uptown Funk From An ’80s Girl Group — Listen & Decide For Yourself!

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Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson might have been on top of the world when they won the Grammy for Record of the Year earlier this month for their hit song Uptown Funk, but they’re being pulled back to reality now.

That’s because the ladies from the early ’80s group The Sequence Angie Stone, Cheryl Cook, and Gwendolyn Chisolm — are claiming that Mars and Ronson used the girls’ song Funk You Up as inspiration for their award winning single!

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While there hasn’t been a lawsuit filed yet, Kali Bowyer, the rep for the group, says that the hook for both songs are the same along with a few other similarities.

Ch-ch-check out both songs (below) and let us know if you think they sound similar!

The Sequence‘s Funk You Up:

Bruno & Ronson’s Uptown Funk:

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time a group has pointed out Uptown Funk‘s similarities to their own song. Previously a legal settlement gave The Gap Band partial writing credit due to likeness with Oops Upside Your Head.

If The Sequence did win, we wonder if they would have to pay The Gap Band too…

Do you think the ladies have a case?

Feb 23, 2016 11:23am PDT

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