Ben Higgins Is Down To The Final Three Girls On The Bachelor After A Heartbreaking Elimination! But It May Not Be Who You Think…

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Oh, man… we are REALLY getting down to it on The Bachelor!

The lucky boy Ben Higgins entered last night’s episode down to the final four girls — Amanda Stanton, Lauren Bushnell, Caila Quinn, and JoJo Fletcher — but the show required him to do something VERY difficult and personal.

That’s right… it’s time for hometown dates!!!

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Things all started at Amanda’s home in Laguna Beach, California, where her two children — Kingsley (great name, BTW) and Charlie — were on full display.

Aaaaaaaand cue the crying.

Like, Oh Em Gee the crying.

ALL the crying.

Oh, sorry, not from Amanda — from the kids. You could see it in his eyes the whole time, there is just NO way Ben keeps Amanda around another week. He’s not ready for kids. He couldn’t possibly commit to this.

…or could he?

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Aside from the little ones screamin’ and hollerin’, Ben actually had a pretty decent night with her family. Yeah, Amanda’s dad captured that whole deer-in-the-headlights look that Ben had on his face the whole time, and yeah Ben is SO not ready for fatherhood, but… he left and Amanda was super-confident.

So maybe she’d stick around another week?

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From there, ol’ Benny Boy heads to Lauren B.’s hometown of Portland, Oregon (because of course, right?), where he finds a family very intent on questioning him about fame, the Bachelor process, and the other three girls in the mix.

First, the maybe-couple enjoyed donuts and a long make out session at a whiskey bar (seriously, it’s Portland, what did you expect?!), then they headed home to meet Lauren’s family.

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Things were awkie, as they always are, and Lauren’s dad was grilling Ben pretty hard, but it all smoothed out in time.

Ben won the biggest victory of maybe the entire episode in Portland: he completely won over Lauren’s sister which is, like, a REALLY important thing to do if you’re trying to convince a family you love their daughter.

Good job, Mr. Higgins!

And seriously, just like she’s been all year, Lauren B. — who now, since she’s the last of the Laurens, should really just be called Lauren — is totally the frontrunner.

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Next up… Caila! And next up… some non-descript small town in Ohio where life looks totally perfect.

Miz Quinn takes Ben to a toy factory (her daddy is the CEO, look out), and the two donned hard hats and walked around seeing toys being made.

If you’re confused about that, wait for the second part of the date… they colored together and made a fake house out of… you guessed it… TOYS!

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Um, it doesn’t really matter, though, because they made out inside a little kid’s plastic house, so, whatevs. Making out is what these two do — what did you expect of them, a real date?!

Caila did take Ben home to mom and dad, but Caila’s dad was a WEIRDO, grilling Ben on how it feels to be famous, and Caila’s mom was a WEIRDO (part two!), challenging Caila to drop the L-word with our fave Bachelor.

Uh, ok, Caila. Movin’ on…

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Last up, JoJo. And if you think they saved the best for last, HA! Are you in for a bad, bad surprise.

JoJo’s brother, also named Ben, is most likely the spawn of the devil, because he treated his sister like CRAP this week on the show by unnecessarily grilling the hell out of Ben to the point where things got super uncomfortable.

We get it, JoJo, your family is close, but this was some kind of weird Texas Chainsaw Massacre family thing going on at the dinner table and Ben was just not meant to be at this little party.

Things got so bad for Ben that JoJo’s dad finally had to step in between her brothers and the bachelor and try to make peace as best he could. Over protective much?!

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No, Olivia, NO ONE misses you… even though JoJo’s dates was a disaster.

All you need to know is the kicker: JoJo left the date in shambles, knowing her bro Ben had completely destroyed her chances with her bachelor Ben, making for a very controversial rose ceremony…

Photo: Sean Lowe Shares A Funny Pic Of His Baby-To-Be!

…or maybe not.

Big surprise, shocker here, Amanda didn’t get a rose at the end of the night.

She was pissed, and sad, but it’s like Amanda, hey, you have children. Ben ain’t ready for all that. You have to go back to Laguna Beach now.

With the final three in place — Lauren, Caila, and JoJo — let’s hope for a spicy episode next week.

Oh wait!

It’s the fantasy suite episode!

Bow chicka wow-wow…

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Feb 23, 2016 10:14am PDT

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