Bill Cosby’s Sexual Assault Accuser Andrea Constand Wants Their Confidentiality Agreement Thrown OUT

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Andrea Constand will no longer be silenced!

In response to Bill Cosby‘s latest motion to have Andrea’s sexual assault charges thrown out due to a violation of a 2005 confidentiality agreement, the DailyMail confirms the 42-year-old is requesting a judge void the document entirely.

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For those who don’t know, Andrea and Bill peacefully ended a civil suit for an alleged 2004 rape by agreeing to an expensive confidentiality agreement. Not only did B.C. give Constand a lot of money to keep quiet, he also required she never press charges and avoid ever speaking to the press.

Here’s the problem — A.C. feels like she was pressured into the agreement to begin with and she wants out. Andrea claims former prosecutor Bruce Castor made a shady deal not to prosecute the comedian at the time of the sexual assault, a move which influenced her to take the damning deal.

Now the complainant is asking a judge to throw out the agreement so she can speak freely regarding the renewed sexual assault case against the actor. The Canadian also hopes a nullification of these documents will help other alleged victims pursue their cases.

In a statement, Andrea explained her position:

“Cosby’s abuses of the agreement merit its total abrogation. Cosby has used the agreement as a means to intimidate witnesses, to conduct a media blitz in an attempt to sway public opinion while silencing those most knowledgeable about his claims, and to engage in conduct evidenced by this motion. By repeated filings ‘under seal’ Cosby has created a shadow court system in which he is free to make any inconsistent and opposing allegations he chooses without the deterrent of public scrutiny.”

It sounds like the former Temple University employee knows exactly what she wants and is intent on getting it!

So, do YOU think the confidentiality agreement should be voided?

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Feb 24, 2016 12:36pm PDT

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