Kim Richards’ High Heels Just Got Her In Trouble With The Law!

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Maybe Kim Richards should have gone with flats.

On Wednesday, Kimmy received a stern message from the judge overseeing her public intoxication charge… all over high heels.

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For those who don’t remember, Richards was arrested for public intoxication prior to a bunch of rehab stints and shoplifting sprees at Target. In exchange for her crimes, the reality star was sentenced to 30 hours of community labor and three years probation in September of 2015.

Here’s the problem – Kimbo says she hasn’t been able to fulfill the labor requirements due to a foot injury. While we don’t know exactly what the foot injury is, we just know it’s why we have yet to spot the momma picking up trash on the side of a highway.

Now prosecutors are slamming Richards for wearing HEELS, a big point of contention for those who want to see K.R. face the music. The legal sharks argue if Kim is able to wear stilettos on the red carpet, then she should be able to strap on some sneakers and get her bum in gear.

Check out a photo of the actress wearing heels this past December (below!)!

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Unsurprisingly, a judge approved the complaint and ordered Kim to complete her punishment by June 1 or she must produce a doctor’s note explaining why she can’t participate.

Whether Kim is fibbing or not, she should get this issue squared away sooner than later… jail time isn’t fun!

[Image via Instagram.]

Feb 24, 2016 4:59pm PDT

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