Mandy Moore’s Alleged Stalker Strikes AGAIN — But Why Is He Not Being Prosecuted?! Find Out HERE!

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Shouldn’t they do something about this?!

Stalkers can be a VERY serious thing which is why Mandy Moore has good reason to be a bit worried.

Not only does the 31-year-old have an alleged stalker named Salahudin Moultaali who has been bugging her recently, but he has been by her Hollywood home three times in the last two weeks reportedly ranting and raving!

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The reason he hasn’t been locked up? Well prosecutors claim there isn’t enough evidence to put him away!

After the second intrusion, Moultaali was only given a restraining order to keep the creep away from the singer’s house. The L.A. County D.A. ended up NOT prosecuting the alleged stalker due to a “lack of evidence.” Though we don’t know exactly what this means, we’re sure Mandy isn’t too thrilled about it.

What makes matters worse is last Friday, only two days after Moultaali was given the restraining order, he showed up at Moore’s home AGAIN!

Thankfully police were able to arrest Salahudin due to the restraining order.

Though the disturbed man is in custody with bail set at $150k, the D.A. said it STILL won’t file a felony case and it has now been passed on to the L.A. City Attorney to deal with.

We thought the third time would have been the charm! We just hope the Tangled star stays safe and sound!

[Image via Bridow/WENN.]

Feb 24, 2016 8:07am PDT

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