Ashley Parker Angel Shares A Picture From His Parents’ Horrific Car Crash To Illustrate Why You Should Never Drink & Drive

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What a devastating reminder to us all.

On Wednesday, Ashley Parker Angel shared a picture from the scene of his parents AWFUL car crash which was sadly caused by a drunk driver. The picture is extremely difficult to look at, especially if you have lost a loved one to drinking and driving.

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While Angel’s parents thankfully came out alive following the collision, his mom is still in critical condition and may not survive the ordeal. The singer cited the next seven days as pivotal in her recovery.

Take a look at Ashley’s warning and painful reminder never to get behind the wheel drunk:

This picture is hard to even look at. The photo was taken just moments after my Mom was cut by the jaws of life out of her destroyed car, after being pinned down and trapped inside for over an hour. The combined impact of both vehicles was like slamming into a wall at 120 mph. Bottom line: this is what drunk driving looks like and not a soul alive deserves to be put through this kind of life-altering trauma due to the irresponsible and disgraceful actions of others. I just want to say how deeply grateful I am to all of you who have kept my Mom in your thoughts and prayers these last critical 48 hours. I can’t even begin to tell you how much strength and faith my entire family has gained from all of your support. My Mom remains in critical condition as Doctors continue to care for her around the clock. Every positive thought, every prayer and kind word is appreciated more than words can even express. To my close friends and family who have reached out: I have received your messages and I’m terribly sorry I have not been able to communicate more. We are praying for my Mom’s survival from this awful tragedy and the next several days will be crucial. Thank you again and I will keep you all posted. Anyone who knows my Mom knows she is a fighter and a survivor, as well as having the most beautiful and loving spirit of anyone on the planet. She did not deserve this. No one does.A photo posted by Ashley Parker Angel (@ashley_parker_angel) on Feb 24, 2016 at 7:01pm PST

Wow. We are truly at a loss for words.

We send our positive thoughts out to Ashley’s mother and father during this difficult time.

[Image via Instagram.]

Feb 25, 2016 1:20pm PDT

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