Halsey Flips Out On Her Fans — Says Their Rude Messages Are ‘F*cked Up!’ WATCH!

Watch her meltdown HERE!

We love Halsey, but going full-on meltdown is not a good look on her.

On Thursday, the singer had a pretty busy day packed with press, so much so that she supposedly didn’t stop to meet her fans along the way!

Well apparently, the 21-year-old’s faithful followers were upset about getting the cold shoulder, and aired their grievances with the artist online.

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However, after leaving one of her interview stops, the musician had to address the crowd outside, and defend her earlier actions.

She was caught on camera saying:

“Not for nothing but I’ve been in press since eight o’clock in the morning. I have a whole day of interviews to do. I’m still doing them. I would never walk by and just not meet you, so to abuse me online like that is kind of f*cked up. I have a lot more interviews to do and I promise I’m going to meet people, but please don’t be mean to me.”

The gorgeous gal seemed to keep it together, that is until she got closer to her car.

It’s hard to hear what was said, but something a bystander exclaimed seemed to piss her off because she began straight-up screaming back at whoever called out to her, before finally disappearing into her vehicle.

Ch-ch-check out the clips (below)!

The artist also took to Twitter to defend herself, responding to haters with posts like these (below):

In her defense, a day full of press and interviews can be exhausting. But what do U think, Perezcious readers? SOUND OFF in the comments!

[Image via Halsey/Instagram.]

Feb 25, 2016 9:23pm PDT

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