Who Exactly Is Justin Ross Lee & Why Is He Trying To Take Down Jeremy Piven? Deets HERE!

justin ross lee con man

Something’s just not right here.

As we previously reported, Jeremy Piven was accused by his ex Kate Nardi‘s current boyfriend Justin Ross Lee that he’s been sending excessively creepy texts to his former flame. Obviously, the HBO star has heavily denied these claims. Oof!

However, upon further investigation we have our doubts about the credibility of the vocal source. Why, you may ask??

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Well, J.R.L is best known for being a famed party crasher and social media monger. According to an earlier piece in the New York Times, Justin has been:

“…banned from a dozen venues around town for harassing doormen, teasing guests, and acting out in other ways too. The restaurant Pastis even banned him several years ago for taking a table reserved for someone else.”

This guy is quite the reported con artist, isn’t he?? We mean — in his own words — the pocket square mogul compared himself to one history’s most famous con artists, Frank Abagnale.

Well that makes sense as the self proclaimed “Jewish Robin Hood” has regularly created fake business cards for himself for major corporations. Sneaky, Sneaky!

In a previous interview, he explained:

“Become media for the day. Vistaprint.com your way in with $10 worth of business cards. Cheap, effective, and recyclable.”

So what could the 32-year-old gain from taking down the Entourage actor? Well, we aren’t entirely sure, but it may have something to do with notoriety. During his interview with the NYT, he concluded:

“Recognition is the greatest thing in the world. I find it disgusting when people don’t know who I am.”

So what do YOU think? Whose side are you on NOW??

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[Image via Justin Ross Lee/JeremyPiven/Instagram.]

Feb 25, 2016 1:07pm PDT

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