Too Busy Reading Kanye West’s Rants To Catch Everything That Went Down On The Internet This Week? Don’t Worry, We Have The Top 10 Vines HERE!

kanye west vines of the week

This week featured the latest installment of Kanye West‘s rants on Twitter… and boy, did they not disappoint.

ICYMI: Yeezus went on about nearly everything this week, including the Grammys, Taylor Swift, his recently announced Summer album, and so much more. Oh man!

Now if you’re like us, you’ve probably been TOTALLY consumed by the ridiculousness that is Yeezy on social media. LOLz!

Luckily for you, we’ve been tracking the best six second vids this week has to offer so you won’t miss out on a thing. You’re welcome!

Be sure to ch-ch-check out the top 10 Vines of this week for yourself (below)!

10. Seriously, the All Day rapper has got to stop begging people for money!

9. PSA: Please dab with caution.

8. Are you already over the #DamnDaniel trend?? We think Daniel certainly is.

7. This is like if Russell Brand had a terrifying child.

6. Sharing is caring, right??

5. Life is cruel to some people…

4. Word to the wise, smoothies can fix most problems!

3. High school reunions are never easy.

2. We’re guessing this ISN’T how the west was won!

1. This kid knows as many lyrics to Work as Rihanna does! HA!

Feb 28, 2016 12:01am PDT

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