Kris Jenner & Ellen DeGeneres Have A Foolproof Plan To Stop Kanye West From Going On Twitter Rants!

We sure hope this works!

Judging by his never-ending stream of Twitter rants, it would seem as though Kanye West is very comfortable with making himself look bad in front of America.

But if there’s one family who is not in love with being the butt of the joke, it’s the Kardashians… which makes things a little tricky since he’s kinda sorta married to Kim Kardashian West.

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As we all know, Momager Kris Jenner has the unfortunate task of representing everyone who comes into her family, and while Kanye may be her most difficult charge yet, Ellen DeGeneres is here to give her some help!

The two sat down on Ellen Monday to chat about Yeezus’ latest social media suicide and came up with a pretty foolproof plan on how to prevent future f*ck-ups.

We volunteer to be part of that board, Kris!

Ch-ch-check out Kris’ most recent appearance on Ellen (above)!!!

Feb 29, 2016 11:24am PDT

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