America’s Oldest Leap Day Baby Celebrates Her 25th Birthday In Style!

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And she probably still gets carded when she tries to buy alcohol! Ha!!

Daisy Belle Ward, born February 29, 1916, is celebrating her 25th birthday on Monday.

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Of course, that’s because the 100-year-old was born on the leap day — known as a “leap baby” — and her real birthday only really comes around once every fourth year instead of yearly like the rest of us!

It’s not just that Ward finally got a birthday again on Monday after four years of waiting, either… according to CBS, she’s now the oldest leap baby in America, at a spry young 100 25 years of age!

Woo hoo!

She looks like she’s ready to party (above), doesn’t she?!

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What a happy occurrence for her, and the family and friends who could celebrate with her. See you in four more years, Daisy, for your 26th birthday!

What about U — do U know anyone born on a leap year?!

[Image via CBS.]

Feb 29, 2016 4:40pm PDT

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