Donald Trump Throws Black College Students Out Of TWO Rallies On The Same Day! Is This His New Policy?

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This is insane!

Donald Trump held two rallies on Monday at Radford University in Virginia, and later at Valdosta State University in Georgia, and at both locations, his security tossed out black students there to watch the proceedings!!

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In the first rally at Radford, students were heard chanting, which prompted Trump to ask if they were from Mexico (?!) before demanding they be kicked out.

They were reportedly saying:

“No more hate! No more hate! Let’s be equal, let’s be great!”

Below, some very brief footage of the students filing out in line:

And if you look closely at the bottom of that video, you can see a Trump security guard body slamming a TIME Magazine photographer to the ground!!

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Ch-ch-check out more of it (below):

Total. Ugly. Pandemonium.

But wait! There’s more ugliness, because this is The Donald, and he doesn’t care about being a good person!

Hours later down at Valdosta State, Trump had a group of black students removed from a rally.

Keep in mind, though, that these students weren’t even protesting the rally! They were simply there to watch!!

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One shared her thoughts with reporters after being forcibly removed from the event (below):


More video of the kids getting booted (below):

One of the students said it best (below):

“I think we got kicked out because we’re a group of black people and I guess with what’s going on in America, they’re afraid we’re doing to say something or do something, but we just really wanted to watch the rally.”

Great job, Donald. Really, great work…

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If you want to watch The Donald’s entire scary speech from Radford on Monday, here it is (below):

So there you have it.

Two terrible occurrences put forth by Trump and his bigoted supporters at two separate rallies in two separate states in just a few hours’ time.

Folks, wake up… Trump is terrible.

[Image via YouTube.]

Mar 1, 2016 10:53am PDT

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