Aaron Carter Has Received Death Threats For Supporting Donald Trump! Watch Him Respond To The Haters — And Being Called A ‘Meth Head’

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In his own words, Aaron Carter is “not gonna shut up!”

The I Want Candy singer got some heat over the weekend after publicly endorsing Donald Trump for president — and apparently didn’t expect to get so much backlash!

Speaking to WhereAreTheyNow.buzz, the 28-year-old spoke out about the overwhelming reaction, confessing he’s had a falling out with his fans over his endorsement.

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Carter, who still looked a bit shaken up over the social media snafu, said some fans called him a “meth head” and worse over his support for the GOP frontrunner.

He explained:

“I’ve had fans send me death threats, tell me people were going to shoot me, stab me with needles at my show. You know, that they were coming to get me, you know, all over me saying I’d vote for Donald Trump.”

But just like Drumpf, the pop star made it clear he won’t be silenced. Speaking directly to fans, he added:

“But I don’t care because you ain’t going to do nothing to me. Because you just talking. Because if you get in front of my face, just like everybody else did last night, I will either put you in your place or we can agree to disagree, and you can go away.”

Carter explained exactly why he supported Trump, despite disagreeing on several issues:

“I’m in a 40 percent tax bracket and I appreciate Donald Trump’s sense of business. Do I support├óΓé¼┬ª gay marriage being banned? No. Do I think that a wall should be built? No. Do I feel like Donald Trump will make America great again? Absolutely I do.”

The singer also said how he’s tired of fans telling him he’s “broke” and has no career, forcing him to “take a picture with a $10,000 stack of money to, like, show you that I’m not.”

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Taking pictures of money to dispute accusations of financial hardships? Hmm… sounds like someone else we know! LOLz!

Ch-ch-check out his entire defensive interview (below)!

[Image via WhereAreTheyNow.buzz.]

Mar 2, 2016 1:39pm PDT

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