Carrie Underwood Heroically Defends Her Personal Trainer Against A Ruthless Bully!

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All the claps for girl power!

On Monday, Carrie Underwood took to Instagram in defense of her beloved personal trainer and friend Erin Oprea. It’s clear Carrie is the girl you need when sh*t goes down!

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So, here’s what happened — Erin was publicly shamed on Facebook by a man who thought it wasn’t cool for her to jump rope at her sons’ soccer game. To prove his point, the man in question posted a pic of Oprea and then went on to shame her with derogatory comments.

What’s crazy is, the fitness guru was harming NO ONE while she jumped some rope and simultaneously watched her sons kick some butt. Not to mention there was absolutely no reason for the disgruntled dude to post a snap without someone else’s permission!

Clearly, Underwood was NOT impressed by this man’s antics and she quickly defended her friend’s honor, posting:

You’re right, girl! This situation was so “not cool”!

Shortly after the singer shared her valiant message, Erin herself took to her blog to discuss the disheartening incident:

“This is exactly why many people don’t embrace an active lifestyle in ordinary situations: They are worried that they will draw attention and, even worse, ridicule. Keeping yourself active and healthy in any way you can should be cheered and admired! I would love to see the day when there are more people running laps around the soccer field than there are people just sitting and watching. (Keep in mind: If you want to kick back and watch the game from the bleachers, I don’t judge.) Everyone has to find time in their busy schedules to get their workouts in.
This is a time that works well for me and many other parents. I don’t want to see people getting bullied for doing what works best for their lifestyle. What I do care about are those who would love to be out moving but worry that they’re being judged. I don’t want the choice to be made for them because of bullies. These kinds of posts don’t change my opinion or actions, but I can see how they affect other people and I want that to change. So grab your jump rope, embrace that healthy lifestyle and keep on jumping if you hear whispering behind you. You’re the better person here in more ways than one.”

What wise words! You can read the rest of Oprea’s blog post HERE.

So, whose side are YOU on?

[Image via Instagram/WENN.]

Mar 2, 2016 12:21pm PDT

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