Dr. Luke’s Sister Compares Kesha To Disney Villain Cruella de Vil & Complains About Taylor Swift’s Hefty Donation To The Singer’s Cause

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Dr. Luke‘s family is ADAMANT that he did nothing wrong!

Just a week after the producer’s mother spoke out, his older sister Vezna Gottwald spoke to the Daily Mail about her brother’s alleged innocence and how this scandal has torn their family apart.

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Similarly to her mother’s views, Vezna portrayed sexual assault accuser Kesha in a very negative light, saying:

“It’s like the Salem witch trials, but we know who the real witch is behind all this. If this was a Disney story that my son was watching she would be the evil Cruella.”

Wow, that’s quite the comparison!

Not only does Gottwald feel like her sibling is being vilified in the press, she also believes the support of big name stars like Taylor Swift isn’t helping his case either:

“What happened to anyone having integrity and trying to find the truth? It’s incredible that anybody can just slander somebody who is a good man and they know nothing about. It is so difficult for him to fight back when all of these huge stars like Adele and Taylor Swift are coming out in support of her and it really is affecting all of our family. Taylor Swift gave all this money, but it is such a shame that real women that have suffered and gone through that, don’t get to see that money. She should have given it to a rape charity.”

The mother also went on to wonder why Luke’s famous friends like Katy Perry haven’t come to his defense.

To make matters worse, V.G. explains that the conflict is not only affecting the musician, but his children as well:

“He has had to hire a crisis manager and he has not been able to go out of his own home. I have a four-year-old and Luke has got a four-year-old and a three-year-old and it is like the children are going to have to grow up with this hanging over us. It has been so damaging for all of us and especially Luke. This is the one time I am grateful our father died, that he does not have to go through it, because it is horrific and I am grateful that he is not around. It’s a stigma that’s so hard to shake off even when it is not true.”

Summing up her feelings on the situation, Vezna vented:

“I find it horrendous there is no other voice other than hers (Kesha) being heard. He is just not that sleazy producer that people are making him out to be. I am so proud of my brother and New York should be proud, because he is a New Yorker. He made himself who he is on the streets of New York. Do they so easily forget he is that cute boy that was the lead guitarist on Saturday Night Live for ten years?”

Hmm. It’s very obvious Gottwald is hurting… unfortunately for her we don’t see this “stigma” going away anytime soon.

As for Kesha’s case against Dr. Luke, the singer can still press criminal charges against him.

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Mar 2, 2016 12:45pm PDT

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