Katt Williams Accused Of Pulling A Gun On Five Innocent Women — Get The Scary Info HERE

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Katt Williams and the law just don’t get along.

Katt, who has been arrested MANY times for violent behavior — at least ten times since 2006 — is alleged to have pulled a gun on five women in Atlanta this past Sunday.

According to cops, Williams was hanging out in downtown ATL with his FIFTEEN PERSON entourage when he got into a physical altercation with a group of ladies.

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Here’s what went down — the turbulent celeb allegedly went BESERK when he caught one of the women recording him after asking for a photo. The purported incident got even more heated when the father reportedly punched one of the women which led to an intense brawl.

Once the fight got going, that’s when the ladies claim Williams took out a gun. While he didn’t do anything with the weapon, he brandished it around as to threaten the group.

On Katt’s end, he claims one of the gals tried to snatch a chain off his neck which led to the punch. As for the gun, he argues he only pulled it out after he heard one of the females mention a weapon.

What’s even more interesting about this case is that the comedian was arrested at a POOL SUPPLY STORE (because, why not?!) the following day for allegedly punching an employee in the face.

Hmm, we guess K.W. feels very passionately about his floaties!

While Katt has yet to be arrested for the gun incident, the women involved in the case have lawyered up and they’ve planned a press conference for Wednesday.

We’ll keep you updated as this case progresses!

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Mar 2, 2016 1:33pm PST

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