China’s Highest Grossing Movie Of All Time Is A Big Budget Action Movie About Mermaids — See The INSANE Trailer!

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Stephen Chow, the same man who directed such popular hits as Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle has a new movie out that has broken a lot of records — and it’s all about mermaids!

The flick, simply titled The Mermaid, took in an AH-Mazing $485 million in only three weeks in February which helped the Middle Kingdom box office achieve a record $1.05 billion for the month!

To put that in context, that’s about $260 million more than the North American estimated take for February which was $790 million. Thanks, Gods Of Egypt

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The Mermaid looks like it will be the first Chinese movie to cross $500 million in its home country.

Knowing how Hollywood works when they see dollar signs, there’s only one question…

When are we getting an English-language remake??

If you’re curious about The Mermaid, check out a trailer for the film (below):

[Image via China Film Group Corporation.]

Mar 2, 2016 3:34pm PDT

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