The ORIGINAL Donald Trump Micropenis Painting Can Be Yours! Find Out HOW!

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You’ve seen it already — if not online or on a hip friend’s T-shirt than in your mind’s eye at its most masochistic!

And now Donald Trump‘s teeny peen can be yours!

Illma Gore‘s amazing painting Make America Great Again may be a piece of art so controversial the Trump camp is threatening legal action (what else is new?), but that’s not stopping it from spreading!

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The audience of the imagined nude portrait of the “short-fingered vulgarian” has not only shown, but also grown — it’s already estimated to have been viewed over 50 million times!

But now you can own the ACTUAL NSFW pastel piece (below)!

Illma put the artwork up for auction on Wednesday with a starting bid of just $0.99, and it’s already risen to $3,450 as of this writing.

A small price to pay for owning a piece of history! And it gets even better because we hear the proceeds are going toward a youth homelessness organization!

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Here’s the artist herself with the painting for scale:

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Did you think it would be bigger? LOLz!

Here’s the UNCENSORED version:

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You can place your bid on the painting HERE!

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Mar 3, 2016 6:09pm PDT

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