EXCLUSIVE! Madonna Is Terrified For Rocco Ritchie’s Safety — Get The Alarming New Details About The Custody Battle HERE!

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Woah, this is EXTREMELY startling.

PerezHilton.com just received EXCLUSIVE information from a source close to Madonna about her contentious custody battle with Guy Ritchie. Let’s just say you’ll be very disturbed to learn what’s really going on with Rocco Ritchie and why the singer is very alarmed about her son’s welfare.

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For those who don’t know, Rocco has been living with his father Guy in London since December. The teenager was apparently unhappy with Madge’s alleged strict parenting.

Now insiders say the icon is simply a concerned and attentive parent who is solely interested in the well-being of her boy. It looks like her fears were not unfounded since we’ve obtained EXCLUSIVE pics of Ritchie smoking weed on the streets of London Town which you can see (below):

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While some might argue that the 15-year-old is just experimenting, a confidante close to Madonna sees this behavior as complete 360 from Rocco’s typical habits in New York, claiming:

“He’s been smoking a lot of weed and worrying Madonna that he may be doing other things. He has been hanging around the wrong crowd and his mother feels so helpless especially because he’s going around London unsupervised.”

Unlike the teen’s life with Guy, the momma always had her son accompanied with a friendly adult figure, whether it be a backup dancer or family friend. The musician never let Rocco go to skate parks or other venues unattended.

Here’s where things get even more scary… the source says these new habits have begun to PHYSICALLY hurt her son:

“Rocco shaved his head so he wouldn’t be drug tested. He just broke his wrist because he was smoking weed and he was impaired when he was skateboarding. None of those things happened when he was with Madonna. Madonna believes that guy isn’t doing his parental duties and she’s very concerned for her son’s safety. There’s another court hearing coming up and madonna remains optimistic that a judge will do the right thing and will let Rocco be with his mom who takes very good care of him.”

So alarming!!

We really hope this situation is rectified as quickly as possible and we’ll keep you updated as this case progresses.

Mar 3, 2016 7:29pm PST

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