Donald Trump Gets AIDS In Sacha Baron Cohen’s Brothers Grimsby — Is Sony Scared Of Legal Repercussions?!

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Poor Sony just can’t catch a break!

The company’s Sony Pictures division is in the process of releasing Sacha Baron Cohen‘s new film The Brothers Grimsby, which will open in America on March 11, but it’s not all good for the entertainment company!

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In Cohen’s film, Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe — played by a body double — contracts AIDS, and eventually gives it to Donald Trump (also played by a body double).

Now, even though the movie is satire, Cohen’s film is attracting all the wrong attention for Sony, as the company is reportedly worried about releasing such a controversial story — and getting a negative public reaction from the real Trump!

Trump, of course, is notoriously litigious, and Sony is allegedly terrified that he may pursue legal action over the unflattering portrayal.

Not for nothing, there’s also the issue of releasing another controversial film after The Interview so infamously created major issues at Sony more than a year ago.

One source told Huffington Post of the film company’s fear:

“They’re subtly trying to make it disappear so Donald Trump doesn’t sue the studio, and also if Donald Trump wins, then they don’t have a major problem with the corporation where they’ve alienated the president.”

The film even includes an explicit disclaimer about Trump NOT having participated in production, and one “well-placed” source details political ramifications of releasing it now:

“If you were told that they’re shying away from the movie because of the political implications, I can tell you that’s 100 percent true.”

But another source was a good bit more skeptical about all of it, alleging it’s all an act to gain publicity for the flick:

“Sacha’s been a great partner with the studio. It’s silly. The studio always knew what the movie was. It’s Sacha Baron Cohen’s outrageous brand. Legal vets it. There’s no worries there, and there’s no big love affair with Trump out here in Hollywood.”

Well, that last part is certainly true! Ha!!

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Nevertheless, the only named source on the subject — Sony spokesperson Jean Guerin — was very definitive about the company’s thoughts towards Cohen’s new project:

“This is utter nonsense. We have been supportive of the filmmaker and the film.”

For what it’s worth, European movie audiences have apparently been going crazy over seeing it.

Whether Sony wants it or not, audiences must love to see bad stuff happen to The Donald!

[Image via Judy Eddy/WENN/TBS.]

Mar 4, 2016 11:48am PDT

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