Khlo├â┬⌐ Kardashian Gets Candid With NYLON About Her Shrinking P*ss, Kanye West’s Twitter Tirades, & Amanda Bynes’ Meltdown!

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Khlo├â┬⌐ Kardashian is just one of those celebs with no filter… and we LOVE that about her!

The blonde beauty recently sat down with NYLON magazine to open up about how her “p*ss” is shrinking! And yes, that’s exactly what you think it is!

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The gorgeous gal admitted her hoo-ha — named Kamille — is getting smaller because she’s been super into her fitness lately, saying:

“Now that I’ve lost weight, I swear my p*ss has lost weight too, which I did not know that was an option but thank god.”

In fact, the lovely lady remembered that her camel toe — or should we say kamel toe — used to be pretty prominent while at the gym, and that her sister Kourtney Kardashian would mock her for it!

She recalled:

“My sister Kourtney did not appreciate [my camel toe]. So she bought me these things, they’re almost like a maxi pad. I don’t know what they’re really called but it’s to hide your camel toe. And it was like falling out of my pants. And I was like├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥it was like slipping. I was so uncomfortable so I had to run├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥we were doing this trampoline [workout]. There’s this trampoline workout place called like, Sky High in L.A. We were doing this workout and I was like this is the worst time to be wearing this thing while I’m jumping up and down. So I had to remove it. I just said, ‘Kamille’s here. She’s at the class too. Get over it.'”

Well, at least KoKo owned her nether regions! LOL!

And while her sister gave her crap about Kamille’s presence during workouts, the 31-year-old admitted that her famous family actually prevents her from having a meltdown like Amanda Bynes, explaining:

“Amanda Bynes, who was one person, like that’s really hard, that amount of pressure and just scrutiny on one person where no one else really understands their journey. So, I’m always very grateful that me and my sisters, we are on the same journey cause we just get each other. I think without them, I would probably just go crazy and who knows, just run away.”

She also chimed in about Kanye West‘s controversial Twitter tirades, confessing:

“I love what he says. I just love his honesty and his ability to really say whatever he wants and [he] kind of has no remorse. I hate when people tweet things and then they like delete it. I don’t like deleters. Whatever you say, own it! Is he like wild and out there? Yeah, but I respect him for that. I like anybody who owns who they are. And, just like no qualms about it. That’s what I love.”

For more pics from the spread, ch-ch-check out the gallery (above)!

[Image via Blake Vulgamott/Nylon.]

Mar 4, 2016 2:45pm PDT

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