New York Woman Arrested For Driving With Fake Cardboard License Plate — You Have GOT To See This!

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This is crazy!!!

Amanda Schweickert was arrested on Wednesday in upstate New York for several different infractions during a traffic stop, but it’s what initially got her pulled over that’s grabbing all the attention!

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An officer from the Erie County Sheriff’s Office noticed that there was something wrong with the 28-year-old’s license plates after looking closely…

When you see the plate (below), perhaps you can even figure out the issue!!!

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Cardboard license plates?!

Schweickert was nabbed for a felony, for possessing a forged instrument, a misdemeanor — for operating a vehicle with a suspended registration — and then three other more minor vehicle and traffic infractions.

The sheriff’s office wanted to remind everybody about NOT making cardboard license plates, too (below):

In case you are wondering, homemade cardboard license plates are NOT legal.
Posted by Erie County Sheriff’s Office on Thursday, March 3, 2016


That somebody would even try it…

What do U think about this craziness??

[Image via Erie County Sheriff’s Office.]

Mar 4, 2016 5:33pm PST

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