Buried Knife Found On O.J. Simpson’s Estate Leads To Top Secret Investigation — Get The Details!

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Talk about a bizarre story!

One of the big mysteries that never got solved in the Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman murder case was the location of the murder weapon.

Well according to TMZ, that mystery could soon be solved — but with a VERY strange twist!

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The site reports that a construction worker actually found a knife buried on the perimeter of the former estate belonging to O.J. Simpson either “several years” ago, or as far back as 1998 when the house was demolished.

The knife is apparently a folding buck knife that the construction worked turned in to an off duty LAPD officer who was working security for a film shooting across the street.

Where the story gets really weird is that this cop took the knife home and kept it for years!

It wasn’t until late January this year, after the officer had retired from the department, that the LAPD learned of the weapon. Apparently, the cop who kept the knife contacted a friend who worked at the police department’s Robbery Homicide Division and told him his story.

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On top of that, the retired officer told his friend he wanted to get the knife framed and put it on his wall along with the Departmental Record number for the murder case — which he was going to include in the fame. SRSLY?!

Well obviously, the RHD officer told his bosses and they insisted the weapon be returned. Duh!

As of now, the knife is reportedly being tested for hair and fingerprints and will be moved to the Serology Unit where it will undergo testing for DNA evidence.

A source who knows about the investigation says that cops who have seen the knife believe that there could be blood residue on it, but since the weapon is so rusted and stained, it’s hard to know for sure without testing.

Due to the unusual circumstances of the case, the investigation is being kept under wraps and is top secret. In fact, the evidence isn’t even logged into the LAPD’s main system, but rather a computer system outside the official case file.

Though this could be an exciting breakthrough, as the case is still open since OJ was found not guilty, the former athlete can’t be prosecuted again due to double jeopardy laws.

Do you think the newly found evidence is too good to be true?!

[Image via Judy Eddy/WENN.]

Mar 4, 2016 8:16am PDT

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