17-Year-Old Model Dies After Having Her Eyes Gouged Out & Ears Cut Off — By Her Own Sister!

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This is absolutely horrifying!

Stefania Dubrovina was a 17-year-old model who was found dead and mutilated in a flat in St. Petersburg, Russia.

If that wasn’t awful enough, it was Stefania’s 19-year-old sister Elizaveta Dubrovina who killed her by stabbing her 140 times and cutting off her ears and gouging out her eyes.

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A police source revealed the model had been “partying” with the man who owned the flat and he had briefly left to go buy alcohol. It was at this time that Elizaveta attacked her sister as authorities said she was jealous of her sibling.

Police later arrested the 19-year-old for suspicion of the murder and mutilation.

Stas Baretsky, a St Petersburg showman who worked with the victim said:

“I had known Stefania for about two years. She was a modest and attractive girl, she took part in my shows. I am shocked.”

Baretsky went on to say:

“I called Stefania some hours before her death, she was crying. I asked her ‘what happened?’ But she explained nothing. I only understood that she had some problems.”

The girls’ aunt, Ekaterina Dubrovina, also talked about the tragedy saying:

“My blood turns to ice. These poor children are not guilty in their gruesome childhood and in all their unhappy life which unfortunately ended for Stefania.”

This is absolutely terrifying and we have no idea what would have cause this brutality.

Our hearts go out to all those affected by this terrible event.

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Mar 4, 2016 3:01pm PDT

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