Sound The Alarm — Lisa Vanderpump’s Restaurant Pump Apparently Caught Fire This Morning!

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Poor Lisa Vanderpump!

Does this make twice in one month that Pump has caught on fire… or, maybe not?!

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Either way, TMZ is reporting that Pump — Lisa’s West Hollywood hotspot — apparently caught on fire this morning just after 10:30 am local time.

The reporting as it stands now claims there was an electrical fire within the restaurant’s walls — scary!

Fortunately, El Lay fire departments put it out pretty quickly and it seems like nothing significant was damaged.

Hey, maybe this is the second fire in a month over at that place, or maybe it’s not — but either way, stuff like this happens quite a bit at restaurants.

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We’re just glad it was relatively minor, whatever happened, and here’s to lots of smooth sailing for Lisa and the eatery going forward!

Let’s just hope they will be back open for business tonight!

Mar 5, 2016 2:37pm PDT

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