So Scary — Boxing Legend Sugar Ray Leonard Is Being Stalked By Dangerous Man With Violent Criminal Past!

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Ugh, this kind of stuff is TERRIFYING!

Boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard is fearful for his life right now after an old stalker from his past has resurfaced… and showed up at the boxer’s home, coming face to face with his wife and kids!!

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Things started with stalker Mark Anthony Francisco back in 2008, when the now-55-year-old started sending creepy letters to Sugar Ray.

One of the letters was right to the point, horrifyingly:

“I will kill you, your mother and your daughters.”

And another was even more crude and awful:

“You need to make a deposit to my checking account before I shoot the sh*t out of your ass. I mean what the f*ck I did and said. I hate a punk ass ni**er.”

What the what?!?!

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Well now, after a few years off, Francisco is back — and he’s done so much, that Leonard has gotten a restraining order!

The sketchy stalker showed up at Sugar Ray’s recently, rang the bell, and was greeted — literally face-to-face — by Leonard’s wife and daughter.

So scary!!!

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The pair told Francisco that Leonard didn’t live there any more, and he left, but that didn’t work for long, because Leonard soon received another letter:

“I went to your old houses that you used to live in. See you soon, Mark.”


Now, a San Fran judge has ordered Francisco to stay more than 100 yards away from Leonard at all times.

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Obviously, Sugar Ray thinks this guy is mentally unstable. Sounds like a good bet, for sure.

Let’s just hope nothing bad comes of this — these stories are so, SO terrifying!!

[Image via Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.]

Mar 6, 2016 12:59pm PDT

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