Nancy Reagan’s Son Ronnie Regan Speaks Out On His Mother’s Death

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Nancy Reagan lived a long and rich life.

Shortly after Nancy passed away at age 94 this past Sunday, her son Ron Reagan spoke to Matt Lauer about the loss. Matt also interviewed Ronnie following his father and former president Ronald Reagan death in 2004.

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While Nance obviously had a lot of accomplishments throughout her life, she was most proud to be Ronald’s wife and the first lady of the White House. According to Ron, her relationship with Mr. Reagan was paramount.

Speaking on his mother’s marital bliss with his father, Ron gushed:

“She was totally dedicated to her husband, and I know that that sounds anti-feminist, but I don’t really mean it in that way. She loved her husband more than anything in the world and I think that you could make the case that the Ronald Reagan that we came to know … would not have existed without Nancy Reagan.”

Aww, so touching. It definitely takes teamwork to make the dream work.

R.R. went on to add that his momma was not the same following the ex-Potus’ death:

“She was lonely without him … She missed him terribly. Once they had bonded together, they really were inseparable. It sounds clich├â┬⌐. I don’t think they spent a day apart … He wrote her letters in all his life. They were in love.”

Hold on a sec… we need to go grab a tissue!

Even when things got touch (there was an assassination attempt on the former prez in 1981), Nancy stood strong:

“I think that it was tough for her in the White House, because there was a lot of anger directed at my father. My mother was more aware of the dark corners of life. I don’t think she had another day during his presidency where she didn’t have some sort of fear involved and particularly, of course, when he went out in public. He meant everything to her.”

Sounds like harrowing times! At least the couple got to spend many happy years together.

In addition to Ron, Nancy is survived by her stepson Michael and daughter Patti.

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Mar 7, 2016 12:48pm PDT

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