New Tupac Shakur Music & Writings Discovered — And They’ll Be Sold For A LOT Of Money!

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Looks like another treasure trove of Tupac Shakur‘s music has been found!

The late rapper may have died two decades ago, but previously undiscovered, unreleased handwritten notes and lyrics from the rapper have just been found — and they’re being sold to the highest bidder!

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According to TMZ, the set being auctioned off is made up of three notebooks containing Tupac’s handwritten ideas, lyrics, and a few CDs that feature unreleased tracks!

Apparently the person auctioning these notebooks initially came across them when he answered a Craigslist ad looking for baseball cards — the initial Craigslist seller showed him the Tupac merchandise, and here we are!

Ch-ch-check out some sample pages from the books (below), some of Tupac’s notes for his Point The Finga music video:

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The notebooks are apparently valid, too — the handwriting is said to match handwriting from a prison letter Tupac penned that eventually was sold for a quarter of a million dollars back in October on the website Moments In Time!

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That site is selling these notebooks, too, and they believe even just a couple pages might fetch $35,000!

What a payday!!!

However, Tupac’s mother, Afeni, doesn’t like memorabilia collectors and auctioneers profiting off her son’s career and death; in the past, she has pursued who have bought and sold authentic Tupac possessions.

Guess we’ll see what happens this time!

[Image via WENN/Moments In Time.]

Mar 7, 2016 1:09pm PDT

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