Erin Andrews Might Only See A Fraction Of Her $55 Million Settlement From Peeping Tom Lawsuit — Find Out Why!

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On Monday, Erin Andrews was finally awarded $55 million in her lawsuit against Marriott Hotels for the high-profile stalking case from 2008.

Erin was victimized and violated when a man named Michael David Barrett videotaped her through a peephole in a Marriott hotel.

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Since the beginning of the case, there have been quite a few details that have come out regarding what happened, but thankfully the court sided with Miz Andrews and she was VERY appreciative of all the love and support she’s received.

Well despite the big win, the blonde beauty may not be seeing as much of her winnings as you might think!

That’s because the jury split the blame 51% to Barrett and 49% to Marriott. Seeing as how Michael isn’t anyone special, and he spent 30 months in jail from 2010-2012, we doubt he’s able to cough up $28 million anytime soon.

The other problem is with the hotel chain as TMZ reports that Marriott will most likely appeal the verdict which could lead to a smaller settlement. Since there’s no physical injury and the payment was awarded on the grounds of emotional distress, there’s a chance an appeals court could overturn the verdict for being such an excessive payout.

Legal sources have predicted that the case will most likely settle in the ballpark of $20 million between the sportscaster and hotel company.

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Unfortunately for the 37-year-old, when a case goes to trial, lawyers rake in about 40% of the final take which means if it does go to settlement, she would be left with about $12 million. On top of that though, Erin would be responsible for the costs for preparing the case which is estimated to be about $1 million.

Oh yeah, and in cases involving emotional distress without any physical injuries, the award is taxable meaning the $11 million Andrews would be left with could turn into $6 million.

It’s no chump change, but we find it despicable if the hotel tries to weasel their way out of responsibility by settling. Erin definitely deserves more for everything she’s been though!

What do you think about the case’s settlement and how much the victim might actually walk away with?

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Mar 8, 2016 8:19am PDT

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