Local News Reporter Dives Out Of The Way As Car Crashes RIGHT Where He And Cameraman Are Standing! Watch The Scary Video!

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This is so scary!!!

KTVU news reporter Alex Savidge was busy Tuesday morning covering news of a train derailment in northern California’s Alameda County, when he inadvertently became part of the story — and very nearly lost his life!!

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The reporter was in Fremont doing a live shot for the station’s morning news coverage, talking on camera while standing on a sidewalk, when his cameraman suddenly yelled “get out of the way!”

Split seconds later, Savidge was running to the right while a car came barreling RIGHT through where he’d been standing, nearly killing him!

The videos at the scene are incredible — easily the most memorable local TV news footage you’ll see this year!

Ch-ch-check them out (below), first with the live shot that KTVU viewers saw on the air this morning:

And then with the incredible look on the scene, from the stand-up camera that was there taking video the entire time (below):


Can you even imagine????

Savidge obviously couldn’t, as he took a minute to catch his breath and bring his heart rate down from the shocking experience (below):


That on-camera crash went from scary to very, very thankful extremely quickly.

What an array of emotions!

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As you saw in the video (above), Savidge wanted his family to know he was OK — but he also thanked Chip Vaughan, his photographer.

Vaughan reacted simply:

“It happened in a split second. I’m just thankful he jumped the right way.”

Soon, police from the city of Fremont were on the scene, investigating what apparently happened: a white sedan was turning right when it accidentally turned into the path of another car.

When the cars collided just down the block from Savidge, the woman in the sedan hit the gas instead of the brake, apparently by mistake, and sent the car flying towards the reporter.

The crash is still under investigation, though reports suggest the woman driving the white sedan did have her license taken away.

Either way, Savidge seems to be much better now (below):

Thank goodness!!

[Image via KTVU.]

Mar 8, 2016 6:09pm PDT

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