Camille Cosby Remained Relatively Tight Lipped While Testifying For Court Ordered Deposition — Get All The Deets!

camille cosby testimony

Camille Cosby is staying silent.

On Monday, a partial transcript from Bill Cosby‘s wife’s February 22 deposition was released, and it showed that she utilized her spousal privilege in order to dance around answering 98 questions in a defamation lawsuit against her husband. Oh man!

Initially, the TV producer tried to get out of testifying all together, but her motion was eventually shot down by a judge.

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Still, Miz Cosby refused to answer many of the questions asked of her, but did note that she never read the deposition where the TV icon acknowledged that he had obtained sedatives in order to give them to women he was planning to sleep with.

How on earth did she miss THAT?

In case you forgot, this lawsuit came about after seven women accused Cosby of tarnishing their reputations by labeling them as liars due to their sexual assault allegations. Talk about a complicated legal mess!

To make matters worse, Camille also confirmed that she only has a “somewhat” understanding of the sexual assault accusation made by Andrea Constand — as the only information she received on the matter came from her spouse. Whoa.

It’ll be inneresting to see how this testimony plays out during the rest of defamation case. It is said that Cosby’s team wants the lawsuit put on hold as he faces criminal charges in Pennsylvania.

Be sure to ch-ch-check out the partial transcript for yourself HERE!

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Mar 9, 2016 10:17am PST

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